Eanna Cinnsealaigh


When Dermot MacMurrough, Eanna's father, was forced to flee Ireland, Eanna was taken hostage by the neighboring state of Ossory. Upon Dermot's return a year later, Ossory blinded Eanna and released him (this effectively excluded him from the kingship, for Irish law forbade anyone with a blemish to be king). There was never great love between Ui Cinnsealaigh and Ossory; Dermot was to avenge Eanna's blinding by severely ravaging Ossory with his Norman invaders. After Dermot's death in 1172, Eanna retired to his sister Dervorgilla's castle near Dublin.

Surnames were just being introduced into Ireland and the rest of Europe in the 12th century. The usual practice was to form a surname by adding Mac or Mc to the first name of a person's father's name (MacNamara meant son of Namara) or by adding O' to the name of a famous ancestor (O'Brien meant descendent of Brian Boru). Kinsella is one of the few exceptions to this rule.

The Kinsella family of Ireland received their name from Eanna Cinnsealaigh. He was named after the famous Irish king of Leinster, Eanna Cinnsealaigh, who reigned in the 4th century.

The MacMurrough family of Ireland comes from Dermot MacMurrough, Eanna's father.

The Cavanaugh family of Ireland comes from either Donal Cavanaugh, Dermot's first born, or from the foster family that raised Donal.



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