Ugaine Mor


He was called Mor on account of his extensive dominions, being sovereign of all the Islands of Western Europe. He was married to Caesair, the daughter to the King of France (the Gauls), and by her had 22 sons and 3 daughters.

In order to prevent these children encroaching on each other he divided the Kingdom into 25 portions, allotting to each his or her distinct inheritance. By means of this division the taxes of each portion were collected by the king of Ireland during the succeeding 300 years (when Ireland was divided into provinces). All the sons died without heirs except the two mentioned below. Ugaine was at length slain (593 BC) by Badhbhchadh (the son of Eochaidh Buadhaig), who failed to secure the fruits of his murder, the Irish Throne, as he was executed by order of Laeghaire Lorc. Ugaine was buried at Cruachan about 570 BC. The following sons survived him:

  1. Laeghaire Lorc
  2. Colethach Caol-bhreagh; he was the 69th Monarch and it is said that, to gain the throne, he assassinated his brother Laeghaire. After a long reign he was at length slain by Maion (Labhradh Longseach), his nephew (541 BC)



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