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  Variations on the name Kinsella: Kincheloe , Kinchelan, Kinshalla, Kinshillah, Kinsela, Kinselagh, Kingsley, Kinsley, Tinsley


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*his homepage has been created to:

  • Relate the history and genealogy of the Kinsella Clan
  • Keep present day Clan members in contact, no matter what the distances
  • Allow new members to join the Clan and current members to alter the future course of the Clan.


* Kinsella Homepage (Created March 17, 1996)


For those who are not able to see the following table, I have another version.

Kinsellas Around the World
Country Number of Households Estimated Population Number of counties, states, provinces where households reside Most populous county, state, province
Ireland 1,603 7,836 23 Dublin
Great Britain 1,328 4,239 65 Merseyside
U.S. 1,335 4,003 51 Illinois
Australia 313 1,571 8 New South Wales
Canada 239 1,136 9 Ontario
Northern Ireland 29 137 5 Belfast
New Zealand 26 131 2 North Island
Germany 6 19 4 Schleswig-Holstein

Taken from "Kinsella International Registry"


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